Photo Gallery

Corazón Tijuana House Build Oct 2014: It's been a while, but in October of 2014 we visited Tijuana again with the Corazón ( organization to do another house build. Yes, 40 people can build a house in a day. It's a simple 16' x 20' structure; basically four walls, a loft and a roof, with windows and a door, but no electrical or plumbing. It may not seem like much, but it's really one of the nicer structures in the area. Everyone worked really hard on this one, and the teenage girls did a great job of painting - a critical task in making the home last a long time. Click here to see the photos.

La Gran Comision Iglesia y Casa de Pan, Oct 2014: We visited the church where we had previously done mission work with Valley Community Church of Pleasanton, CA. We arrived just in time for church on Sunday, and spent the afternoon with Pastor Ruben and his family, missionaries Pablo and Martha Garcia, and Terry Estrada (who recently started up a home for single mothers). Here are a few pics.

Corazón Tijuana House Build Sept 2010: Building a house in a day with Corazón ( is an amazing experience.  In one day, 30 - 40 people can build a house, entering Mexico in the morning and getting back across the boarder before dark.  These are a few picture from my most recent trip.  This is a great first time mission trip to a foreign country, because it's just a long day trip.  When you get back however, you realize that it was safer in Mexico than most big cities in the U.S. that you could visit.  The Mexican people are friendly and compassionate, despite their impoverished circumstances.  Click here to see the photos.

Mission Belize 2009: These are a few photos from Data Wata Fountin's in their new location.  They recently moved to a new facility that has a bathroom! Data Wata Fountin' is a Christian outreach center in Punta Gorda, Belize, where the staff reaches out to the local community to bring them to Christ.  Often, the first step is feeding the local kids, who then bring their parents.  At Da Wata Fountin' they not only feed their physical bodies, but they also feed their spiritual bodies. Da Wata Fountin' was founded by Julia Deshong in 2006.  Click here to see the photos.

Mission Ensenada 2009: In June of 2009 we went to a little community in the hills above Ensenada Mexico, called Fraccionamiento Popular Emialiano Zapata.  This year, we worked on converting the old church into a teen center where the teens in the local area could hang out and potentially make some money selling soft drinks.  We also put in counter tops, sinks, and stoves in some of the local's houses. The mission trip was sponsored by Valley Community Church of Pleasanton, California.   Click here to see the photos.

Da Wata Fountin'; Punta Gorda, Belize, 2006 (28 Mb Video)  
- Da Wata Fountin' was founded by Julia DeShong, and handed off to a local team in Punta Gorda, Belize, Central America.  Da Wata Fountin' is a place where people can get off the streets and into a safe place where the Da Wata Fountin' staff can share with them the love of Jesus Christ.  This video shows Julia's team building up the center.  The center needs continued support for rent, utilities, and the meals that they serve.